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Picture of Amber Christian

Wonderly’s vision is to put customers at the heart of product design. We build productivity solutions to tackle endemic problems in how we plan and complete our work.

After nearly 20 years implementing technology solutions built by others, Amber Christian launched wonderly. Wanting to embrace a different way of building software, we've used human centered design principles to involve customers throughout the product build for our flagship product Bella Scena. Bella Scena helps our clients to meet well, plan well, and live well.

Our customers have been providing vital feedback for our product needs before our code was written. Our solutions focus on solving challenges for the individual first before considering the team and overall organization. This perspective is the exact opposite of the approach taken by most productivity products on the market today. Our philosophy is to put on your own oxygen mask first before assisting others, and this is what our products help you do.

Wonderly focuses on solutions that empower and embolden our customers to transform the way they view and complete their work. We want to help you transform your calendar crime scene into a beautiful scene, aka a Bella Scena (make sure to say it with Italian flair).

Having a female founder with a long career in tech, wonderly also recognizes many challenges the tech industry is currently facing with diversity and inclusion. We will do our part to inspire positive change. One percent of wonderly total annual sales are donated to causes that encourage and support women of all ages to pursue STEM (science technology engineering and mathematics). It’s our way of spreading the wonder.