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Interview with Thrive Global

Are you planning your time with intention?  We’re all experiencing new challenges as we continually adjust to how the pandemic is changing our lives.  Many of us have been experiencing constant, disruptive change.  We have new work routines, new home schooling routines, and our lives and businesses have been turned upside down. Many of us also realize that the patterns of our past will not return soon, if ever.  At wonderly we are continually simply

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Creative Ideas To Get Your Marketing Unstuck

Did your whole sales and marketing strategy go out the window when your country started social distancing?  Do you need some fresh ideas to get your creative juices flowing?  This month our founder shares strategies we’ve been using as we explore Creative Ideas to Get your Marketing Unstuck.  Check out the article on Startup Space. 

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Presenting at 1 Million cups Mankato

Since we launched our product Bella Scena, we’ve received a lot of great feedback via 1 Millions Cups.  So now we are taking Wonderly on the road to a new 1 Million cups chapter. We will be presenting our company Wonderly Software Solutions, and our product Bella Scena at 1 Million Cups Mankato on Feb 19th at College of Business Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship at 8:30 AM.  We’re looking forward to sharing our story

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