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BeingWonderly Podcast

Join in as I share what it’s really like as a female entrepreneur building a tech company

Latest Episodes

BWP 18 | My Illumination
  Solving problems and looking for the most suitable solution is a daily task in an entrepreneur’s life. In this episode, Amber Christian speaks to Maiseng Thao, a youth from Minnesota’s Junior Achievement, who shows a lot of promise at such a young age with her product, My Illumination. Maiseng talks about how she used her personal experiences as an inspiration for her product. Not only is it practical, but it also takes into consideration
BWP 17 | Next Generation Entrepreneurs
  Out with the old and in with the new. This has always been the way of life in terms of advancement and, sooner or later, the next generation of entrepreneurs will be taking the market by storm. In this episode, Amber Christian interviews Zaria Hill and Nou Vang – the creators of Little Buddy, a device for keeping children out of harm’s way, designed and conceptualized by young entrepreneurs. The creators talk about the
BWP 16 | Empower Heels
  We have four girls from Roseville Area High School who are all part of a Junior Achievement class, Melanie Soe, Colleen Vaj, Jennifer Vo, and Uviusia Vang. Together, they came up with a company called Empower Heels that aims to create shoes with adjustable heels at the click of a button. In this episode, they share the reason why they wanted to be part of Junior Academy. They also talk about the things that
BWP 15 | Next Generation Entrepreneurs
  Often times, it’s an adult’s responsibility and obligation to pave the path and guide the youth into a better future. Teaching the next generation of entrepreneurs who discovered their passion and calling at an early age can prove to be a simple yet successful approach. Amber Christian asks some students that can represent their generation with similar interests their experience so far as having been able to get a taste of the industry. They
BWP Decuir | The Invisible Network
  Job seeking in itself is a stressful process. As a job seeker, you often lose the power to concentrate on looking for a job when you fear having your identity plastered for the world to see. With software like The Invisible Network, your job-seeking venture can be done in peace. Today, Amber Christian interviews The Invisible Network’s developer and founder Matt Decuir about why and how he came up with creating the software. Discussing