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BeingWonderly Podcast

Join in as I share what it’s really like as a female entrepreneur building a tech company

Latest Episodes

BWP Decuir | The Invisible Network
  Job seeking in itself is a stressful process. As a job seeker, you often lose the power to concentrate on looking for a job when you fear having your identity plastered for the world to see. With software like The Invisible Network, your job-seeking venture can be done in peace. Today, Amber Christian interviews The Invisible Network’s developer and founder Matt Decuir about why and how he came up with creating the software. Discussing
BWP 13 | Human Centered Design
  When we think of technology, so often do we overlook any human involvement in them, thinking more of them as machines. Contrary to that kind of thinking, Michelle Maryns founded We Sparkle, an AI-powered SaaS social enterprise that incorporates human-centered design into their work. Michelle brings up the importance of human-centered design to products and services as well as their relationship with the users. She also gives her insights on AI assistants, chatbots, websites,
BWP 12 | Croptomize
  Farming is entrepreneurship and big farmers are the definition of an entrepreneur because as a farmer,  it’s like starting a new business every single year. You take out a loan to buy the inputs, the seed, and chemicals and fertilizers that you need, and then you plant your crop and then harvest at the end of the year. You get your checks and pay all the bills and pay the operating note. Our guest
BWP 11 | Funding Mechanism
  Starting something small will only lead to something big if you have the right plan, right people, and right funding. In this episode, Casey Allen, commonly referred to as an ecosystem builder, shares to us how you can accelerate your growth in your perceived industry. Using sales as a major fund generator, he explains to us how he leverages investors to be part of his funding mechanism. For Casey, the key to any startup
BWP 10 | Crafting Your Data Strategy
  There is power in data and how it can be used. Having been in the data industry and in companies such as Google, data analytics expert Gauthier Vasseur could attest to that. Gauthier has an extensive background in all the different facets of data and where they can be applied. He joins us today to talk about the importance of data management and crafting your data strategy in being successful. He also touches on