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BeingWonderly Podcast

Join in as I share what it’s really like as a female entrepreneur building a tech company

Latest Episodes

BWP 8 | Privacy By Design
  Privacy is a global issue and it becomes more complex to achieve especially in this digital age. We’re living in an era where our data is sold and we don’t really know what people are doing with it. However, there is a solution that has made it simpler for end-users to have the security they deserve. Amber Christian interviews Adam Stone, the VP of Consulting Services and Chief Privacy Officer of Secure Digital Solutions,
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BWP 7 | Insights From Customer Testing
  After launching a new product, the new game then becomes gaining customer feedback. In this episode, host Amber Christian talks about how to gain powerful insights from customer testing. She outlines the 5 W’s – the who, what, where, when, and why are we doing this? –  she used to run a six-week alpha test process to prepare their first product, Bella Scena, for market. Bella Scena is a to-do, calendar, and meeting planning
BWP 6 | Support Processes
  Launching new products involves a lot of tests and planning. Amber talks about setting the stage for her alpha launch and some of the upfront things that they did in order to get Bella Scena ready for the market. Using human-centered design processes to develop Bella, Amber shares how getting the customers involved and making sure they’re solving their pain points have been important in the overall process. As vital as the human-centered design
BWP 5 | Human-Centered Design
  With the number of new software circulating in the digital world, it has become quite challenging to make one in your niche that stands out and really captures a wider audience. The user experience or UX has grown as an industry as a reaction to the difficulties that people have experienced with software in general in the past. Mike Arney, the Founder of Halftone Digital, talks about their company’s work around UX and human-centered