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BeingWonderly Podcast

Join in as I share what it’s really like as a female entrepreneur building a tech company

Latest Episodes

  Brand naming is a crucial step in any company since it strongly dictates how consumers see products or services. Aaron Keller, the co-founder of Capsule, talks about his branding journey with Wonderly Software Solutions and shares the many lessons he learned. As branding has evolved through the years, branding has become more challenging. Aaron shares how to create brands that bring value to the end-user and how designs are a vital part of the
BWP 2 | Face Your Fear
  We all have a fear monster. If we’re honest, we have a closet-full of monsters waiting to rear their ugly heads at the most inopportune time. Time and time again, a lot of women have expressed through asking, “Aren’t you afraid? Isn’t that scary? I couldn’t possibly do that.” They have somehow written themselves off and have let entrepreneurship become some huge, hairy, impossible thing. It’s time to dismantle those fears as Amber talks