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Chuck Taylor white tennis shoes


The 70’s called. They love your wonderly Chucks. Pad around in comfort, feeling the warmth of smiles all over.  Pair ‘em with some socks for double the smiles!

The white high-top is a simple classic and with the wonderly emblem you won’t get sick of these. The black low-top has an all over wonderly print and is easy to wear, your go-with-everything go-to. Patterns and shoe color as shown.

Each pair is Made-to-Order. Please note that because these shoes are made custom per order there are no returns or exchanges.

Size: US Mens 3-14, US Ladies: 5-14
Material: durable canvas upper and vulcanized rubber sole

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Ladies 5, Ladies 6, Ladies 7, Ladies 8, Ladies 9, Ladies 10, Ladies 11, Ladies 12, Ladies 13, Ladies 14, Mens 3, Mens 4, Mens 5, Mens 6, Mens 7, Mens 8, Mens 9, Mens 10, Mens 11, Mens 12, Mens 13, Mens 14