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Are you intimidated by public speaking?  Do you ever feel like you could never be that person on stage?  What are the best ways to create engaging presentations? How can you become a superstar communicator?

I started speaking publicly over 25 years ago. Public speaking has helped provide visibility and new opportunities for me throughout my career. If you want to start speaking publicly to help raise your profile and find new opportunities, it’s time to get started!  Getting up on stage can be intimidating, and the last thing most of us want is a bored audience on the other side.

I had the opportunity to be a guest on the Superstar communicator podcast with Susan Heaton Wright. On the podcast, we discuss communication strategies and how to stand out in an industry where you are under-represented. Based on 25 years of public speaking, I am sharing my secrets for being a Superstar communicator. I talk about how to create engaging presentations, and how to involve the audience to take all of the focus off you as a speaker. All my favorite tips and tricks are here so you can see what might work for you. Listen in here!

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